Sankofa—A RAP Celebration!

Ron Clark | Sankofa

The Board of Directors of RAP, Inc. is pleased to report that the celebration to mark the 43rd anniversary of the organization was a major success. The ballroom at the Washington Court Hotel on New Jersey Avenue, N.W. was filled to capacity and the level of enjoyment for the evening was off the charts.


Buy-A-Brick Campaign Update: RAP, Inc.

CBRF Expansion Will Be “Green”

Treatment Works! We know it. We have the singular joy of seeing it every day, as do many of you who simply don’t realize it. We cannot know how many recovery success stories we encounter as we go about the daily business of our lives. When we look at someone in recovery, most of us cannot imagine the struggle to reclaim a life and return to a right place as head of family and to become a leader in the neighborhood and the community.

Too many still believe that recovery is simply a matter of abstinence and don’t see that the true battles are against poverty and homelessness; racism; homophobia; re-entry after long periods of incarceration; inadequate education to compete effectively in today’s job market; and disparities in our healthcare system that make it difficult for so many to access care for HIV, hepatitis, mental illness, and those things that just happen to our bodies as we age. And, of course, bias and stigma: the often-unintentional dismissal of neighbors who by quirk of fate have found themselves outside convention. A different place in time and we could be any one of them. Some of us are.

The Calvin W. Rolark Center Expansion

At RAP, we celebrate these men and women – some younger, some older – who face these challenges head on. We celebrate their journey. Their possibility. They are many. They are heroes among us.

There are as many who need to begin the journey. There are an estimated 60,000 DC residents in need of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. (One out of every ten people!) At $1.2 billion annually, the economic cost to the City is staggering. The social costs are incalculable. More than three-quarters of foster care placements are drug-related. Half of all domestic violence cases are drug related. One third of new HIV infection is drug related. The list goes on.

To help meet the need, RAP has partnered with the District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development to increase capacity. We will break ground on the Calvin W. Rolark Center Expansion (image above) in early 2013. The two-phase project includes the construction of a 34-bed green facility, rehabilitation of three historically significant Victorian townhouses, and renovation of the existing Rolark Center.

Help RAP Help. You can support our work financially. You can donate clothing, goods and services. You can educate yourself. You can teach your friends and family and neighbors. You can extend a hand.

The one you help could be your son or daughter, brother or sister.