About Rap

Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP), Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers residential substance abuse treatment using the therapeutic community (TC) modality. In addition we bring services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and conduct prevention/outreach to increase community awareness of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Target populations include adults who are homeless, formerly incarcerated individuals, single parents, substance abusers living with HIV/AIDS. RAP, Inc. operates residential treatment centers in Laurel, Maryland and Washington, DC. with administrative offices located at 1957 4th Street, N. E., Washington, D. C.

Rap History

RAP, Inc. has served the Washington metropolitan area since 1970. We base our treatment approach on cultural values, respecting and supporting all individuals and their communities and recognizing that a client’s culture is an inseparable part of his or her self-image.

Teaching from the work of giants such as Malcom X, Frederick Douglass, and Maya Angelou who are models of recovery and overcoming abuse, we motivate clients to embrace the possibilities for their own sobriety.